Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to get to Telephone Setting Programming

This will get you to a point in your system where you can program an extension remotely. From here you will be able to change a great number of items related to each extension on your system. This is the launching point for changing things like the station name, buttons on the phone, station (individual) speed dials, voice mail options, and Personal Greetings (not the company greeting) upload and download.

First logon to User Admin Logon

Then click on Telephone Setting

If your extension number that you wish to change is in displayed move on to the next step. If not type the port number in the box in the top right hand corner (ie type 25 to see ports 25-48) then click on the magnifying glass icon. 

Note: The extensions may or may not be in order. 

Click on the Icon of the tools to the RIGHT of the extension number you wish to change.

This will take you to that extension numbers home screen. As mentioned before there are quite a few different options you can change from here and we will explore a few in other posts.


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  2. in trying to change Display Names, I can, "Blank" them, but every time I try to type in a new name, I get an error pop-up that says to enter any character.

    1. I get the same error... did you ever figure it out?