Friday, November 15, 2013

NEC Corporation of America  has found it necessary to discontinue the ITL-8R-1 Dterm Cordless IP DECT (730097). The ITL-8R-1 is supported on the SV8100 series voice server by connecting to the IP Network. The ITL-8R-1 optional replacement item can be the NEC ML440 and AP20 wireless DECT IP solution.

Monday, September 16, 2013

SV8100 IP Phone Installation
Plug and Play Checklist

This document is for reference purposes only. Only Certified NEC Technicians working for an Authorized distributor with access to Tech Support should attempt to modify these settings. 
  1. First Change 10-12-09 to a static IP address on the network system. 10-12-01 should change to, 10-12-03 should be the gateway within the same subnet as the IPL in 09, and remember that these changes will require a system reset.
  2. Verify you have an IPL Card installed and Licensing for IP Phones in 5101 or 5111 under feature activation.
  3. Ensure you have extensions assigned in 11-02.
  4. Ensure your dhcp server is generating IP Addresses the same as the assignment in 10-12-09.
  5. Modify 10-16-04, 05, and 16 to the same address as 10-12-09.
  6. Verify that 10-46-01 is at Plug and Play and that 10-46-06 is port 5080. (default)
  7. Modify 84-26 IP’s to the same subnet as the IPL.
  8. These extensions will be issued in order as are in 11-02.
  9. Optionally you may enter the extension number to install a specific extension out of order by pressing HOLD, Transfer, *, #. User Name Admin, Password, 6633222. OK Press 1 for SIP User and 3 for extension number, Enter the extension you wish to install. Note this must be programmed in 11-02 as a usable extension. OK and Exit, Exit, Save. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NEC has released a cool cable for the Wireless Plantronics Headsets allowing a DT330 and DT730/750 terminals to answer simply by pushing your headset answer button. Instead of some massive contraption that lifts your handset while you are out of the room you can just press a button on your headset and the call will be answered for you. I know this seems like it should be pretty basic since cell phones already have this feature but it is a pretty big deal for a business phone system. Of course with the NEC you may utilize your cell phone if you wish.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Revision 9

It is important to have a system that is constantly improving it's product. Software assurance allows you to keep up to date with the latest your system has to offer. I am going to talk only on the few enhancements that my clients may be interested in but if you wish to know more or would like to discuss Rev9 just let me know. 
SV8100 Upgrades R9

Web Pro Enhancement – Save / Restore
Finally you can use webpro to backup your system. The only reason I brought out PC Pro before was to backup. Clients did not see the benefit of buying PC pro just for that reason. It may mean that we lose a little revenue as a company or manufacturer but the benefit of allowing a administrator to backup their own system is priceless. There has also been some talk of the webpro now supporting Google Chrome but as far as I can tell this only applies to Unified communications and not webpro.

Virtual Machine support
NEC is expanding its shared services to support more VMware. More and more companies are using virtual machines, especially for secondary services such as the shared services from NEC. Who wants to buy a machine just to let you know if someone is on the line or not. I know shared services does more than that but that is the primary use our clients.

UC Desktop Version or higher has been enhanced allowing Shared Services to support the virtual machine environments listed below.

Applications: UC Desktop Shared Services, version 6.1
Host: Windows 2012 Server, running VMWare Workstation 9
Virtual: Windows 7 (32-bit)

Environment #2
Applications: UC Desktop Shared Services, version 6.1
Host: Windows 2012 Server, running VMWare ESXI 5.1
Virtual: Windows 7 (32-bit)

Environment #3
Applications: UC Desktop Shared Services, version 6.1
Host: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, running Hyper-V6.1
Virtual: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Work in Progress

Still working on my first video. I know the one I have up is as boring and confusing as the rest of the training on youtube. I am going to enlist a professional radio voice  to do the audio instructions. For those of you who know me you know that is not as impressive as it sounds. Although she is a great talent she comes at a great price for me. See I married Kiki Garcia, maybe for her voice. Anyway, once I decide what video software to use, can't do much with movie maker, these should come much quicker. It's coming along.

Friday, April 26, 2013

What content would you like to see here and on youtube.

This site will be dedicated to the NEC SV8100 Phone system end user training and technical how to discussions. It is a great system and easy to use and has some amazing features. However, with the ability to to so many things it may not be apparent as to how to do some things. This will serve as a forum to any user who would like to ask how to do things like change the time for instance. Of course changing the time is just an example.

We will also explore what your NEC SV8100 system may be able to do that you are not aware of. Such things may be serving as a DHCP server, VOIP, SIP trunking, Doorphones, remote offices, home offices, etc...

As an NEC Authorized Distributor we can also get you in touch with a local NEC Technician no matter where you may be located if you simply wish to have someone else do it.

Keep in mind that I am working diligently to get user videos posted on my youtube channel at and is not a substitute for technical support.