Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Change the direct station selection button on a telephone.

This is how to change a button on a phone from one extension to another. First from an internet explorer browser enter in your IP address of your system and click on telephone setting.

Login using your USER1 credentials.
Default user name is USER1 (all caps) and password (1111).

Click on the tools next to the extension you wish to change the buttons on.

Click on function Key assignment. The Function Key refers to the button numbers on the phone as you read from left to right and top to bottom.

Under the drop down menu under the function select 01 - DSS/One Touch of the button you wish to change.
The additional data will be the extension number you wish for the button to call.

Note: the line key name is only used on desi less phones. You probably do not have these.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to adjust the volume on an NEC business phone.

Received a request for being able to change ringing volume without having to call in to the main number and ring all the phones or go to a separate phone and call the extension. To change your extension incoming ring tones:
1. Press Speaker.
2. Dial 720.
3. Dial 2 to set trunk (external) ring or 1 to set Intercom (internal) ring
4. Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1~8).
To Adjust the Ringer Volume

Press the Up/Down key during ringing.

Ensure the Ring is being adjusted by the display.

5. Press Speaker to hang up.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

DND Do not Disturb From a display phone

Temporarily turn ringing off on your phone but still be able to make calls.

In the softkeys press the down arrow, Program, DND, Set, and All. It will display DND All in the screen. 

To Cancel press the down arrow, Program, DND,  and CNCL.

To cancel repeat the process except you would press CNCL in place of Set.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Change a name on the telephone display using webpro

When calling someone your name appears on their screen and theirs on yours. In addition to being annoying this may have adverse affects on dial by name features.

First logon. In your internet explorer browser by typing in the IP address of the system (USER1, 1111) User Admin Logon

Then get to the telephone set programming

After clicking on the tools icon next to the extension you would like to change the first thing that should come up is the Name Field.

Type the new name in the name field then, as always, click on apply, home and logout.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to get to Telephone Setting Programming

This will get you to a point in your system where you can program an extension remotely. From here you will be able to change a great number of items related to each extension on your system. This is the launching point for changing things like the station name, buttons on the phone, station (individual) speed dials, voice mail options, and Personal Greetings (not the company greeting) upload and download.

First logon to User Admin Logon

Then click on Telephone Setting

If your extension number that you wish to change is in displayed move on to the next step. If not type the port number in the box in the top right hand corner (ie type 25 to see ports 25-48) then click on the magnifying glass icon. 

Note: The extensions may or may not be in order. 

Click on the Icon of the tools to the RIGHT of the extension number you wish to change.

This will take you to that extension numbers home screen. As mentioned before there are quite a few different options you can change from here and we will explore a few in other posts.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Record and re-record Auto Attendant Greetings

1.       Press the VMsg soft key on a System Administrator’s phone, usually 101, and when prompted enter your security password.

2.       Use the dial pad to dial 72 for the System Administrator Menu.

3.       Press 4 or the Instr soft key.

4.       Enter mailbox number for the Day Greeting 001, Night Greeting 002, or Holiday Greeting 003 by using the dial pad.

5.       Follow the prompts to Lstn (Listen), Rec (Record), or Erase the greeting.

6.       To record, press the Rec soft key.
7.       When finished recording, press the # key or the Done soft key.
8.       Press the Lstn softkey to review.
9.       When finished Hang Up.

Download and upload company greetings in an NEC Inmail on an SV8100.

So this assumes that the day greeting is 001 and the night is 002. Pretty typical but you may have to adjust this if this is not the case on your system.

First Record your night greeting 002 as you normally would making sure you are not recording over the day Greeting. Please see other posts for instructions.

Then logon to the user admin page. Please see other posts for instructions.

Then click on InMail Audio Up/Down load (Routing)

Download Route 002 Greeting by clicking the download icon next to 002. This will download a wav file to your computer.

Note: Remember where you saved this file and name it something you will also remember. In the case of on all call doctor, for instance, you could name this file after the doctor. Also, you will want to keep these all in the same folder naming the folder night greetings for example remembering where this file is located. 

Once you have your file saved you can then upload said file anytime you wish by getting back to this Screen and entering 2 at the bottom of the screen in the routing mailbox, click on Choose file, select on the file in the folder and file name you chose earlier and test.

Please comment if you have any questions about this or anything related to using the SV8100