Thursday, May 8, 2014

Record and re-record Auto Attendant Greetings

1.       Press the VMsg soft key on a System Administrator’s phone, usually 101, and when prompted enter your security password.

2.       Use the dial pad to dial 72 for the System Administrator Menu.

3.       Press 4 or the Instr soft key.

4.       Enter mailbox number for the Day Greeting 001, Night Greeting 002, or Holiday Greeting 003 by using the dial pad.

5.       Follow the prompts to Lstn (Listen), Rec (Record), or Erase the greeting.

6.       To record, press the Rec soft key.
7.       When finished recording, press the # key or the Done soft key.
8.       Press the Lstn softkey to review.
9.       When finished Hang Up.

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