Monday, April 28, 2014

User Programming Mode

Thanks to Marcia from the Audubon society for this.  After making a program change always hit apply them home.  Making any change and then pressing the back arrow will lock up your phone.  All your phones will display programming mode. The only way to unlock your phones at this point will be to reset each phone by unplugging and replugging it in or resettting the phone system.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Redirect incoming call to an voicemail box using Caller ID

This program will use the caller ID to bypass all extension ringing and directly transfer a call to a certain extension. Very useful for callers who only want to speak to the same person, ever. Often used for personal calls.
Note: This does list callers number in the system wide speed dial directory and cannot be setup in personal speed dials (yet?).

From internet explorer enter your IP address of the system in a Web Browser. Login to NEC's WebPro as the user administrator default name USER1 All CAPS and default Password 1111.

Then click on speed dial name and number in the selections on the left side of the screen

You may wish to enter these at the end of the caller id speed dial bins which you can change in the top right hand corner. You have 2000 locations to enter speed dials so this is a matter of preference but you may enter the speed dial number and then the magnifying glass to jump to a specific bin or the right and left arrows will scroll through all the locations.

 Enter the number as it appears in Caller ID, enter a name, select internal dial from the, drop down menu, and enter the extension number that you wish the call to go to.

Click on Apply then Home and then Logout.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Desktop Suite Holiday Message Presence Scheduler

More Like Desktop SWEET!!!

So this is a really easy way to access this cool feature on NEC's SV8100 UC Desktop Suite. The following will allow me to schedule my phone to forward so a caller does not have to hear ring back only to find out I am not at my desk, it sets my presence indicator so the receptionist knows I am out of the office, it changes my greeting to a holiday greeting explaining that i will be limited in what voicemails I will return, and it will set all these settings back to normal so I don't forget to set them back Monday morning and sound like an idiot. It also saves these settings to next easter I can simply select "Easter". Also, I could add a location to let my office know where I will be. Notice THAT field is blank!!! Maybe I should have put Nunya. Keep in mind the phones are able to do this manually but if you have UC Desktop integrated with your deskphone you do this all from a GUI interface that has tons more cool features like this. Happy Easter!!!

If you wish to know how you can add this to your NEC SV8100 contact me.

Webpro User Administration Login

One of the most powerful aspects of the NEC SV8100 is the Webpro USER1 interface. If you are not using this as an end user to administer your business phone system you should start. It will save you money by doing simple tasks on your phone system yourself. You will be able to do things like move extensions, change names, change ringing, manage speed dials, and easily change voicemail options. Basicly administration of what you  don't want to do over the phone you can do on a GUI interface. Unfortunatly there is no swap feature as of yet so moving extensions are done with a different login. Ask your NEC Authorized Distributor for that password so you may move extensions yourself.

To get to the Adminstration Login Screen enter the IP address of your system in internet explorer. Yes you may use other browser but this one works best for this. I know Mozilla is the best browser ever made on the face of the earth but trust me.

Once this is entered you will be at the Login screen. The default name is USER1 (yes all CAPS) and the password is 1111 .

If you dont see this call your NEC Authorized Distributor and have them implement this immediatly! It is well worth a single service call to eliminate many more in the future! It will pay for itself with its next service call or lack there of. They can show you how to use it or stay tuned here for more tips. I am beginning to post at once a week.

Note to Technicians and Sales people: Remember those customer service representatives? If yes then I am guessing you are over 40. Now tech usually train the customer and the sales rep is off to the next sale. I am here to tell you that a sales person should be showing this to their customer and training them on it. We have sold every system where we were able to show this to the IT manager. Additionally it makes it easier to sell maintenance contracts and software assurance if you include phone support using this feature.